Reflective Moment ‘Enlarge Our Gospel Vision’


The Gospel message is referred to as Good News, perhaps that is even limiting The Power that comes with The Message. The Message is a transforming energy, with brings the Power of transformation through it, What is the most transforming and world changing news has been turned into a weekly meeting, on a Sunday morning, and perhaps as well a Sunday night, with a few midweek meetings.

We have somehow made the Message of the Gospel smaller, to suit our smaller capacity for commitment. The Challenge of a transforming Gospel is that Jesus demands not just a portion of us, but all of us.

The Bible which contains the awesome expression of God’s love for us, has become not only the world’s most top selling book, but the most self sitting book. There seems to be and opinion, yes we have a Bible, and we read in when we have time.

It is time, to recharge all our commitments to the Power Packed Message that has been entrusted to us. To stand as Peter and John said in Acts Chapter 3; It is not in our worldly captivity, we can help you, but such as we have in The Name of Jesus we give to you.”

Peter and John gave out of their understanding of The Gospel Message, that it is a life transforming power. but some how, it has just become a nice message to hear. To truly live our faith, is to live this wonderful message of  Transformation and Power, and that is a life changing and life giving commitment to all those, who have heard or understood the Fullness and Completeness, of The Transforming message.

God Bless.


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