God With Us


Have you ever dwelt upon the thought of God and you.

God, faith fellowship can seem like a lot to contemplate.

The Real Truth is the only thing that matters is your relationship to God {God The Father, God The Son Christ Jesus, and God The holy Spirit}

God created you as individual in His image {you are a three part being too body, soul, and spirit}, you are not apart of a mass production.

Your fingerprints distinguish who you are, you are an individual made to be loved by God individually. We can never say this enough: The God that created you, created you to fellowship with HIM.

Sin separated us from God, His original creations {Adam and Eve] lost their close relationship with God, so all creation lost that special relationship with God.

Jesus {Our Lord and Our Friend} paid the price for that sin and that separation on the cross, so we can be restored with The Father, The Son {Jesus Himself} and The Holy Spirit.

Through Jesus {The Son}, we are given a vastly different way to appreciate and know God. Here is God as also fully human, God as anything but detached from our fears, our sorrows and our everyday trails. Here is a God loving us so much that He incarnated Himself as one of us, and then of His own choosing allowed Himself to be tortured and killed. He did this so that we might begin to grasp the depth of His commitment to us for our present and eternal well being.

We know that God the father sending His Son Jesus, God has revealed Himself as someone cares, and with whom we can completely identify and relate with.

The Creator God who knows every last little things about us, made a way for us. Jesus died and rose again and then went to sit in His rightful place next to His Father, but Jesus said I will not leave you alone.

Read John chapter 14 completely, but we will quote from John 14 verses 25 and 26.

V25 {Jesus speaking} ” I have spoken these things to you while I remain with you. V26 but He The Counselor The Holy Spirit – The Father will send Him in My Name -will teach you all things and remind you of everything I have told you.”

The Holy Spirit is God, fully God, not partially or almost God, and He resides in all believers in Christ. He is the means by which God maintains an  an intimate relationship with those understand His spiritual presence with them.

Amazingly wonderful, and even more wonderful when we begin to call upon the Power of The Holy Spirit to assist you in what ever  you do.

We trust that this will help you in your walk, to know the Holy spirit who has been sent as the helper and will also help you understand the Creators Handbook The Bible.

Remember the only truth that matters is your relationship with God and He has given you a loving Helper The Holy Spirit.

God Bless

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