Point To Ponder ‘An Understanding Heart’


When we look back at the life of King Solomon, there are many reason Solomon could be remember for. but the best thing about the life of Solomon, was what he asked God to give Him. 1 Kings 3 verses 6 to 14:

When God approached Solomon in a dream, He informed the new king that He stood ready to grant any request. wealth, health and happiness were all available for the asking. But Solomon wanted ‘an understanding heart’.

Many of us have spent time daydreaming about what we would ask for if, we were put in Solomon’s situation. But maybe instead, we should be considering whether we are making the most of the Gifts, Our Lord and Our Friend has given us.

Today’s scripture verse was, “Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus”, which led us to consider, 2 Corinthians 12 verse 9; “My Grace is sufficient for you.”

Perhaps all we need, if God  was to ask us, is “An Understanding Heart” of how His Grace is sufficient for us. Because the verse also says, His strength, is made perfect in our weakness.

‘An Understanding Heart’ of how through repentance and acceptance, the Strength and Power of The Messiah, Christ Jesus, can rest on us and en-cloth us.

He all we need, and will ever need.

God Bless.


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