Excitement From Zechariah


The Bible is one of the most exciting and motivated books, to read as a Believer, because we have the help of The Holy Spirit to understand.

There is  a message for us, in each of the Books of The Bible, hidden gems for all believers. If we are feeling down, or lonely, or even if we are on top of our game, we should read God’s Word, to find out what God is saying to us, that will help us and encourage us.

Today we are gleaning excitement from the Book of Zechariah, there is a lot of great information in it. we hope this will inspire us all to glean the excitement and wisdom Our Lord and Our Friend has fro us all.

Zachariah’s theme is God’s deliverance. Zechariah, like Ezekiel and Jeremiah, is a priest as well as a prophet.

In Chapters 1 to 6: Eight Visions In the vision, we won’t go in to all the visions.

in Zech 3 verses 1 to 10: High Priest and branch; Joshua the high priest;

In this vision, is shown Joshua the high priest, clothed in filthy garments. He is not fit to stand before God. Satan is quite right there. Joshua is a picture of us all, we are all dressed in filthy clothes none of us is ‘clean’ enough to be acceptable in God’s Holy presence.

However, Joshua does not try to cover up, or to justify himself, or promise to do better in the future. God Himself takes away the filthy clothes and gives him rich clean ones. This is a foreshadowing of Jesus Christ, God giving of Himself, His Son Christ Jesus was to carry our sins, suffer the judgement we deserved and rose again to give us new clothes, New Life with Him.

Excitement from Zechariah: God keeps His promises. Jesus, the promised Messiah and Great deliver, did come. He came first as the suffering Savior, but He is also coming as The Judge and King Who will reign forever and ever. Our Future is certain too, if we trust in Christ Jesus, Who is coming again.

The future holds no fear when Jesus is Our Lord Our Savior, Our Redeemer and Our Friend.

God never fails to keep His promises.

God’s Word is our inspiration and motivation to help us in our journey to our eternal destiny.

Enjoy reading Zechariah afresh, there is plenty more we can glean from it.

God Bless.

O F J.

2 responses to “Excitement From Zechariah

  1. I read Zachariah today and found it just as inspiring and found myself in awe of God and how amazing he is to remove our rags and present us spotless and worthy. Keep encouraging God bless

    • Thanks for taking the time to send us a message, It is wonderful to know the joy and the pleasure you are getting from reading God’s Word, because it is Living Word to all who accept and believe. God Richest blessing to you, and thanks once again for encouraging us.
      OFJ. {Old Fellow John}

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