Reflective Moment ‘Unhindered’


Unhindered is the last word mentioned in the Book of Acts.

The Acts of The Apostles, but also a book still evident, by the Acts of all His followers.

God’s purpose are Sovereign, and His Sovereign purposes and plans are being worked out in all the twist and turns His followers experiences in our lives.

This Unstoppable Story is being worked out, as it was when those early Christians said yes to Jesus.

Our Lord and Our Friend by the presence of The Holy Spirit in our lives, is always pushing us to new territory. If we make ourselves available to be used by Him, we might not understand the promptings, but if we trust Our Lord and Our Friend to be good and sovereign and with us, then it does not matter what happens to us, as long as He is glorified in us.

Let us all be vessels The Holy Spirit can use, ‘Unhindered’, not even by, maybe our own self doubts of our own ability . The Unstoppable Story will be told, through those willing to be used.

We are all called ‘For Such A Time As This’.

God Bless.

O F J.

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