Faith In Action ‘The Challenges


We live in a cynical world, and it is hard to get people attention, away from the glittering lights of the world that seems to have them mesmerized.

Humanism is probably the biggest challenge to witnessing the Gospel {The Good news of Christ Jesus}. Humanism virtually says everybody’s opinion is  worthwhile, and everybody’s opinion should be respected.

Well like in everything there is some truth in that, everyone should be respected, because we are all created in the image of God. Even singer Robbie Williams sing in his song ‘Sin Sin Sin’ that we are created in His image in a reference to Jesus. { I believe Robbie is being cynical}

People hear the Truth at least in western society twice a year at Easter and Christmas, despite all the commercialism that gets added. Again the glitter lights of this world appear to hold more fascination, than the Truth of what is being celebrated.

I have the perfect opportunity to share when I am driving my taxi, and again I never share for the sake of sharing, always try to wait for an opening in the conversation with my passenger.

To get a negative response never phases me, because I Know that I Know, The Creator God that is so real to me, He is after all My Lord and My Friend.

It is the mockers I find hard to deal with, They like to listen but they like to mock. Well we are doing a story on Noah this week in our article People of Faith. Noah must have had it all, in his obedience to God to build the ark .

Like Hey! Noah where is the water, and if there was water that will never float. Noah persisted despite the mocking. I bet when the rain got heavy people were starting to change their tune.

This is a Faith In Action to encourage. The Good News story we have is virtually like building an ark of faith around our lives. The people can mock all they like, but don’t let it deter our commitment to faithfulness.

Noah was called a man who walk with God, and to be mocked for being known as that, is a great testimony. People in general have no absolutes in there life. The absolutes we have is that In Christ Jesus {Our Lord and Our Friend}, we have a purpose, and we have a destiny.

To believe what the world would have you believe, particularly through the Theory of evolution, we have nothing to look forward to. A life does not really mean much. Yet people will bring this up all the time.

I myself do have my answer to that, which is: Well you believe in the THEORY of evolution, which has never been proven and never will be. I have A THEORY about a loving God, who is My Lord and My Friend, and I in Him I have a purpose and a destiny. what do you have to look forward to.

Which generally leads people to say to me: ‘How are you so sure’

Then I know I have my in, into their lives where I can share the Gospel, The Good News of how much God loves them.

This is to encourage us all in our witnessing and sharing the Gospel, Of Our Lord and Our Friend. The mockers are generally mocking from their own insecurities, when we build the Truth of Who Jesus really is into our lives, nothing can take the Joy of knowing this away from us, and Nothing can stop us from sharing this Joy, when and if we have an opportunity

God Bless.

O F J.

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