Life is With God {Poem}


1. Life is meant to be lived with God, like a father and his Child.

Receiving His love as our guidance and strength.

A love so incomparable with what the world can bestow.

A love too great for even the wisest to comprehend.

A love that only God can give.

2. Life is to be shared through His Son, excepting Him as Lord of our life.

To find in Him the meaning for living,

Because of His love, He died for us to give us a new beginning.

He stretched out His hands to take us into His care.

Asking nobody to live in unwanting despair.

3. Life is meant to be lived through God’s Spirit.

Excepting and helping all others in need.

Pointing them to the way of The Lord God Almighty.

Sharing with them His unfailing love and forgiveness.

Walking with The Godhead in reverent nearness.

4. What is life without God then?

On borrowed happiness that is not from above,

What is life that ends with death for those who don’t believe,

While not realizing what they never achieved.

A life Everlasting — A Life with God.

5. But why must so many miss this wonderful way of living.

Leaving our God and His Son and His Spirit.

Taking what the world has on offer,

Rejecting God’s plan to share with Him and their fellowman.

In a life with God.

6. Life is with God, lets never forget it.

This way of living is too valuable and precious.

Who can separate us from the Love of our Lord.

Shall tribulation, persecution or famine or the sword.

Nay! through all these things we can conquer with His Love, through His Word.

God Bless.

O F J.

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