Hymns Of Our Forefathers


A great Hymn with priceless meaning, song down through the years of time. A reflection on faith of people, now most likely citizens of Glory. A reflection of how much the God that created us loves us.

It Is A thing Most Wonderful.

V1: It is a thing most wonderful,

Almost too wonderful to be;

That God’s own Son should come from heaven.

and die to save a child like me.

V2: And yet I know that it is true;

He chose a poor and humble lot,

And wept and toiled, and mourned, and died,

For love of those who loved Him not.

V3: I cannot tell how He could love

A child so weak and full of sin;

His love must be most wonderful,

If He could die my love to win.

V4: It is most wonderful to know

His love for me free and sure;

But ‘this more wonderful to see

My love for Him so faint and poor.

V5: And yet I want to love Thee, Lord;

Oh, light the flames within my heart,

And I will love thee more and more,

Until I see thee as thou art.

A wonderful Hymn, it is good to sing it, as an ‘I’ with personal feeling, eg “And yet “I’ know that it is true’. Then It becomes more than a hymn, and a confession of our faith. Enjoy reflecting on the words, of another wonderful Hymn.

God Bless.





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