Weekend Inspiration


Once again our ‘Weekend Inspiration’, is another one of Lorraine Szabo, wonderful poems. Lorraine is such and inspiring lady, and we are sure everyone can see the inspiration and encouragement, that is always found in Lorraine’s writings.

Choices and Changes.

Forgive me God, for every time I turned the wrong way,

for every consequence was a price I had to pay

that would lay me so very low

to change the paths I should go.

The anguish of lessons learned after turning around, the sorrows, heartache,

losses, choices still did surround.

The love that bled,

things that were said,

as a bitter cold wind entered our hearts

and turned away from your spirit parts.

The maps we followed

left our souls hollowed,

bruised, battered, so solitary from strife

until on our knees, pleading hard to lift us back to life.

to again trust God, thy heavenly guidance let us seek

in peace, patience, blessing and truth, to render us meek.

I abandoned the ways of my own,

looking to Jesus again in prayer mode.

God again led another maze of journeys of fate,

teaching me more daily that on He I must wait

to hear His urging and whispers of faith,

to follow His footsteps and tread His steps however few,

one by one so when I stumble, slip and fall,

with His arms will He lift me, my name will He call,

His gentle presence fills with renewal of hope so enters my soul,

As the wind of His Spirit takes me from earthly toll,

To guide, restore, comfort, erase all errors not of His way,

Forgiven and with joy He will fill my every day,

Reassured, cleansed so I know His reasons

for the roads I was led through every season.

Side by side we will travel in the light,

Past highways now gone, new paths so right.

My Jesus is my focus solely in my sight

even in the clouds of  darkest deep night.

does He reveal His compassion with all His might

and the love that enlightens our imperfect life

but shaped our  destiny as He meant it to be.

Lorraine Szabo C.

Be Blessed Today and Everyday,

From Your Friends at mylordmyfriend.com


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