Reflective Moment ‘THe Gates Of Hell’


Matthew 16 verse 18: “the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it”.

To many people worry about what Satan can do, or what he is up to. Foolish worry.  With the confession Jesus is The Christ, and upon that confession of faith the community of faith {the church} will be built, Satan was defeated.

At The Cross where Satan through he won his greatest victory, he suffered his greatest defeat, because a whosoever who believes, repents and receives, has been set free, and are awake up to all his deception.

Jesus is stating that the church which is the body made up of all believes, that believe He is The Christ, has the power over Satan.

The body of believers {the Church} should be primarily attacking, that is going into hell to rescue those who are lost, bringing them out for salvation. This is not a picture of a defense church, as a fortified castle with a draw bridge raised, through fear, and trying to keep Satan out.

Rather the reverse is true, The Body of Believers {the Church} is on the offensive, reminding the rebellious foe he has been defeated, and telling him to rack off with all his deceptive ways.

The Perfect Love in which a believer is encothed, has defeated any fear, any believer may have about our adversary dud. The gates of Hell can not stand against us, rather they are on rickety hinges and more likely fall over, with us conveying our faith at them.

God Bless.



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