Starting Freshness


The early church was the start of the greatest missionary movement, They had no textbook, they had what Christ Jesus invested into His disciples, and the infilling the 120 received in the upper room.

There was no New Testament to give to new followers, They would have access to the Old Testament in Hebrew and Greek, but would have been costly and quiet cumbersome, and most people couldn’t read.

What Jesus had taught, had virtually had to be caught. The new followers needed to know, what it meant to obey Jesus commands to repent and be baptized, and the New Life that these steps bring.

The disciples had to be living what need to be caught, living in the Presence of The Holy Spirit. They needed to impart a New Way of living, and how now relate to others.

There would have been great excitement, but the excitement could not take over the importance of the Message, repent and be baptized, There was a whole new learning that needed to be conveyed, a new learning that brought the yearning to share their new faith with others.

There would have been like an urgency, but how much knowledge could be imparted, but Our Lord and Our Friend did not leave them alone, He left them with The Holy Spirit. There must have been a confidence that The Holy would lead them through any challenges they may have had.

Jesus had left them with Guidelines, Matthew 28 verse 20: “Teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you, And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age”. Guidelines and a promise of help.

Our Lord and Our friend was not laying down a new law. Discipleship began with the Gospel and the Gift of The Holy Spirit, and it continues as a believer learns to live out that faith in every aspect of our lives,

Let the excitement that they had back then resonate, though our faith today, as we truly trust The Holy Spirit to live in and through our lives. John 3 verse 16: “For God so love the world that He gave”. How will people know, except they see it lived, not as a doctrine, but as  a way  of life,

God Bless.





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