Grace And Peace

Our follow-up to yesterday’s “Cast all your cares upon Him”.

Well if you are to cast off, we need to fill our lives with something God wants us to have, or we will always go looking for something to fill the void.

The best things to fill our lives with are God’s Grace and Peace.

Grace is God’s undeserved favor. It is Clemency, Kindness and Mercy.

The Peace of God is not a worldly peace, but it is a peace that will surpass any of our understanding about peace. It is completeness, or spiritual soundness.

“Our prayer for you are always spilling over into thanksgivings. We can’t quit thanking God our Father and Jesus our Messiah for you! “

That is not something we wrote; it is from  Chapter 1 verse 3 of Colossians  {Message Bible}. when Paul wrote this letter to the churches of the New Testament, he wrote in exactly and precisely the way ordinary people wrote in, ordinary everyday letters in the world then. First there is a greeting, then a word of thanksgiving, which is followed by special content, and a closing greeting.

So lets take this way of  message as one for us today, and greet the Christians {followers of Christ} who live everywhere and anywhere in the world

God offers us all, Grace. Unearned Mercy and salvation extended to all people from God through the Savior Jesus. {Our Lord and Our Friend}.

Through His Grace {unearned mercy] we find His Peace {a soundness and well being}. Trials will come to us all, but with His Grace and His Peace they will never overcome us. This is casting off the the things that hold us back and casting on the wonderful provisions Our Lord and Our Friend has planned for us.

Come seek and you will find, because He wants us all to. May His Grace and Peace flow through our lives into our neighborhood and communities as we live for Him.

God Bless


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