If You Have Questions, We Love To Here Them

There are many things we all struggle with, and sometimes we don’t know who to ask a question to. We here at My Lord My Friend.com, have lots of questions to. But we do a lot of prayerful research, which is the reason we are able to write so many articles. We believe it is our responsibilities, like all other followers of Our Lord, Our savior, Our Redeemer and Our Friend, to keep on inquiring knowledge of all God intends for us all to know. So perhaps among our readers, there is a question, which relates to the purpose why this site was established,  which you might like to ask us. The site was establish, so we can share our faith, in The Great and Awesome God, who created us all.
We were ask for our opinion on,  Because we don’t work for our Salvation, why is it people are ask to change, to fit the profile of what it supposedly is to be a follower.

So we thought we would share with all our readers our response, to a written comment.

=Thank you for reading our article and thank you for your response. Very interesting questions. Micheal{The Kid} and I {OFJ. Old Fellow John} enjoyed your comments Michael is quiet busy these days has his hand in many forms of ministry, so I will respond, Micheal and My response would be similar but different, because we are all created individuals, and though we on a journey to the same eternal it is an individual journey in the company of so many others.

The best way I will respond to your interesting response, is by saying, there is nothing we can do to lead somebody to salvation without The Holy Spirit’s prompting. There is nothing we can do to change people after they have accepted salvation. Salvation is a personal decision to accept the great love The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit has for us, through what Jesus The Son did for us on the cross, Using Matthew 16 verse 24 and 25: “If anyone wants to come with Me, he must want to come, he must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me”.
The salvation message is a message of transformation, which is again the work of The Holy Spirit in each one of our lives.Asking people to change their lives, once they have become followers of Our Lord and Our Savior, Our Redeemer and Our Friend, is like telling them to become religious, and follow in the ways of man. Living and displaying a life of fellowship with Our God, would be a better way of showing the transformation that happens when we all repent and acknowledge Christ for Who He really is. The Holy Spirit takes over the transforming process which continues in all our lives, no matter how long we have been His followers. Then we just become mentors and help the transformation process, that started with the conviction of the Holy Spirit brought that lead someone to the cross and repentance and acceptance of Our Lord and Our Friend. The teaching to change is wrong, the teaching to show the transformation process by Salvation, where we are Justified and through Justification, we are on a journey of Sanctification, is the way to show and demonstrate the Power of a New Life In Christ. Salvation is not a membership of a club called Christianity, it is the start of a transforming walk with Our Lord and Our Friend, with the guidance, help and comfort of The Holy Spirit. We need to get away from the religion of Christianity, and teach the full transformation power of Christianity,{ which I know you believe in} which is really just following our Lord and Our Friend, knowing that He said He would never leave us or forsake us, Transformation from knowing and standing on the promises of The Creator God that loves us. Thanks again for asking us to share on that wonderful topic.God’s Richest Blessing OFJ,

 It never hurts to ask, and we will do our best to give you a prayerful response.
God Bless.

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