Under The Shepherd’s Watch


Many people of faith in The bible were shepherds. Moses was shepherding when God called him, to lead his people out of bondage. Exodus 3 verse 4:

King David was a shepherd, that prepared Him to slay Goliath 1 Samuel 17 verses 34 to 51;

A shepherd knows how to look after their flock, from whatever might come against them. Understanding the art of shepherding, is a great way of understanding how much God loves us.

John 10 verse 11: Jesus tells us “I am the Good Shepherd.

One of the most important things for a shepherd to do was leading the flock, to the right place to graze by the right route. The shepherd had to go before the flock, check out the pathway, locate available grazing land, and lead their flock there in safety.

Unlike many animals, They need  sheep can’t make it on there own. They can’t fight, they can’t track down food, can’t run or hid from danger very easily. They need a shepherd to care for them, just as we do.

Psalm 23: “The Lord is my Shepherd”

That great Psalm says it all about what our Lord and Our friend wants to do for us.

We will have no lack of provisions.

We will have no lack of peace.

We will  have no lack of hope and guidance.

We will have no lack of protection.

We will have no lack of endless blessings.

We will have no lack of leadership, for He leads us along the right path.

We will have no lack of destiny, for we will dwell in the House of The Lord forever.

So to understand God’s Word and His ways, we need to know something about shepherding from a Bible perceptive.

God Bless.


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