Hymns Of Our Forefathers


A Book by C S Lewis called Pilgrim’s Progress, is one of my favorite reads. My granddaughter loves the book to, and now we have the board game we play it regularly. This Hymn we are to share today is called Songs of Pilgrimage.  We all who have accepted Christ Jesus as Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend, are pilgrims on a journey to His Heavenly Eternal Kingdom. So take heart from this wonderful Hymn.

V1. Sing on ye joyful pilgrims,

Nor think the moment long;

my faith is heavenward rising

With every tuneful song!

Lo! on the mount of blessing,

The glorious mount, I stand,

And looking over Jordan,

I see the promise land!

V2: Sing on, ye joyful pilgrims!

While here on earth we stay,

let songs og home and jesus

Beguile each fleeting day;

Sing on the grand old story

Of His redeeming love—-

The everlasting chorus

that fills the realms above.

v3; Sing on, ye joyful pilgrim!

The time will not be long,

Till in our Father’s kingdom

We sing a nobler song!

Where those we love are waiting

to greet us on the shore,

We’ll meet beyond the river,

Where surges roll no more.

Sing on, all you joyful pilgrims, as we walk together to our Father’s Kingdom.

God Bless.

O F J.

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