Half Full Or Half Empty


Success or failure. There is a saying is the glass half full or half empty.
Being positive one would say the glass is half full, which reveals that we believe there is still more to use. On the other side half empty, means we are going to run out, a negative perceptive on the contents of the glass.

But is either thinking really wrong. one could say one is being cautious, and the other is just trying to give any opportunity their best shot.

In Matthew 14 verse 22 or Mark 6 verse 43; Is the story of Jesus walking on the water:

Jesus and the Disciples, had just finished feeding the 5000. Jesus tells the Disciples to get into the boat and go to the other side of the lake to Bethsaida ,

Jesus himself went to the mountain to pray. This was in the evening, and He saw the disciples boat, which was not making much progress because the wind was against them, and they were in difficulty as they rowed.

Then about three in the morning Jesus came towards the boat walking on the water. Tired and exhausted, the disciples were afraid, at what they saw coming towards them.

Well that is the picture of the scene, and as we look at the details. Jesus told them to go, and because He knew everything, He know He was sending them into a struggle. Jesus actually watched them struggle, but He came to them in the midst of their struggles when they were exhausted and tried. He came in a miraculous way, walking on the water, in the middle of the storm

Whether we think on things as half full or half empty, Jesus know the situation we are in. Jesus is watching, and when we ask Him for help in the time of our need., He will come to us in a miraculous way in the midst of our storms, if we truly believe, He can and will.

The pattern is still the same, Jesus send us, He watches us, he see our struggles, and he will come and help those who ask for His help. He might not come in a way we expect, but he will come in His miraculous way.

God Bless.


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