Faith In Action ‘I surrender All to Jesus’


The first action of our faith, should be to give all we are to Christ Jesus.

Jesus is the God who made us

Jesus is the life who sustains us.

Jesus is the light that overcomes darkness for us.

Jesus is the message that invigorates us.

Jesus is the Savior  who has redeemed us.

Jesus is the friend who dwells among us.

That is why here at the Ministry we call Him, Our Lord and Our Friend because He is all of that to us and to any one who believes in Him.

A wise Pastor I know once said {but all Pastors should say well} don’t just believe what I say, go and check it out for yourselves.  Read about how wonderful Our Lord and Our Friend is and check out theses references in The Gospel of John chapter 1 Verse 1 to 18.

Faith In action, requires us to know what we believe and why we believe it, so we can share it with others with conviction.

God Bless.


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