Knowing, Knowing For Yourself,


Praise The Lord, for He is all that we need.

1 Chronicles 29 verse 13: “Oh our God, we thank you and praise Your Glorious Name.

Some people can say anything, if it helps them further themselves in some way, or get them selves out of a difficult situation, but this doesn’t hold sway with Our Lord and Our Friend.

After all He is all-knowing, and knows everything about us. He requires us to be selfless, and have no doubts in what we believe.

again some people believe, what they here, for convenience, but as Christians we should be confident in what we believe and know why we believe. Don’t accept the Christian message as a hand down message, check out the message , the reason for the message,and the source of the message for yourselves.

If we were to do this for ourselves, we would find the Truth for ourselves, and the source of that Truth, is Our Lord and Our Friend, He will reveal himself to us,then we will understand why people, worship Him, as King of Kings and Lord of Lord, and why we need to do that for ourselves.

we should know what and why we believe, the reality of Knowing Christ Jesus on a personal level.

Here are some statements of Faith, to build your knowing of Who Our Lord and Our Friend really is.

I believe Jesus created all that is:

John 1 verse 3; Colossians: 1 verses 15 to 16: Hebrews 1 verse 2:

I believe Jesus is eternally and fully God, and came down from Heaven and became fully Human, to die in my place:

John 1 verse 1: John 14 verse 9: Philippians 2 verse 6 to 8; Hebrews 1 verse 2:

I believe Jesus was crucified on the cross in my place for my sins:

Isaiah 53 verse 8: Mark 10 verse 45: Romans 4 verse 23 and 25: 1 Peter 2 verse 24;

i believe Jesus has the power to forgive sins of all who put their trust in Him:

Mark 2 verses 3 to 12: John 5 verse 24: Romans 3 verse 22 to 26:

I believe Jesus gives the right to become children of God to all who trust in Him.

John 1 verse 12: Romans 8 verse 14: Ephesians 1 verse 5: Ephesians 5 verse 1: Hebrews 2 verse 10:

I believe Jesus will come back one day as King of Kings and Lord of Lord, in all His Glory:

Matthew 24 verse 30: Mark 8 verse 38: John 14 verse 1 to 3: Hebrews 9 verse 28: 2 Peter 3 verse 10:

Unless you take the time to check things out for yourself, it virtually is someone else faith you are believing. Truly know these statements for yourselves. In knowing Christ Jesus for yourself, you will understand why you can call Him Your Lord and Your Friend.

God Bless


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