Human Nature Is A Strange Thing


Elijah one of the great prophet from the Old Testament ran and hid in fear.

1 Kings 19; Elijah Just had a wonderful victory with God’s Help, defeating the prophets Baal on Mt Carmel. Then Elijah heard that Queen Jezebel wanted him killed because of it.

Elijah ran and hid in fear, and when he reached Mount Sinai, he crept into a cave.How alone Elijah must have felt hiding away in a cave, hiding away from his enemies. But it was in the loneliness of the cave that Elijah was most sustained. and it was the word of God that sustained him. While Elijah was withdrawn into the solitude in his place of confinement, God spoke to him. assuring him he wasn’t alone, telling him that he had allies in Hazael, Jehu, Elisha and seven thousand who were loyal to the Lord.

We can all get to a place, where we like to hid and were we feel alone. It is easy when we are weary to think of ourselves as alone in fighting the good fight of faith. In our loneliness, which can seem like a cave of abandonment and despair, Our Lord and Our Friend comes to us and assures us that we are not alone

Each of us at some point can find us feeling alone, but the important thing to remember we are never alone, Our Lord and Our Friend said he would never leave us or forsake us. It feel very modern, this sense of having no one with us in our hollowed-out soul. we attempt to distract ourselves with possessions. clothes, hobbies, a lovely house, holidays, money, and some times the wrong kind of friends, or in our relationships with family. But our inner self craves for something more, what we truly want is God.

Elijah had wonderful times of blessing with God and he accomplished many victories with God help.Yet he found himself basically having a pity party. Pity parties are very lonely place if we are having one, because generally the only one who comes to them, is ourselves to celebrate our own pity.

We were designed for fellowship and relationship with Our Lord and Our Friend, and surely He is the one we should invite to everything we do in our lives. He wants to be with us in our highlights and victories, and in our troubled and lonely moments, because He truly is Our Lord and Our Friend.

God Bless.

O F J.

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