In His Presence


In His Presence
I stand in awe before you
In your robe of brilliant white
To catch the glow of radiance
As you shed your precious light
Your magnificent splendor
Your power, honor and grace
Is a sight to behold, the wonder
The joy as I enter into your place
You took me from the miry clay
To miraculously bear my loss
When you gave your life for my sins
As you suffered agony at the cross


I owe my life to you, dear Jesus


 For the love and mercy you’ve shown


Sometimes when discouragement comes


I ponder on our love that’s grown



So please pour out your Holy Spirit


As I live for you day by day


To fill the hunger for you, Lord


To do your will, Oh Lord, I pray



Cousin Ruth.



We put this ladies testimony up a few weeks ago, she is my cousin Ruth her testimony is well worth another read. Ruth left the Jehovah Witnesses and found a wonderful freedom in Christ Jesus as Her Lord and Her Friend. To write poems like this after the life she came from truly is a great testimony.




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