Study Of Revelation Cont… Letters To The Churches ‘Sardis’


We have done studies on the first four churches mentioned in Revelation, but as each of these churches reflect different stages of churches and church life, it is important to see how these stages also effect the lives of individual Christians

Sardis is a dead church, virtually going through the motions. There were a faithful few that were holding on and being true to their faith, but as a whole the church was dead.

Faith surrounded, by decaying worship, requires strong disciplines, or the faith will be brought down to that level too. The Christian life is never meant to be, anything but vibrant and alive. Christians who are apart of a church or even a community, that has lost it’s vibrancy or it’s power to transform, would be terrible places to be.

As you will see later in this article Jesus commends those faithful few , and makes amazing promises to them.The amazing promises are available to us all, but they are mentioned here to uplift the faithful the church at Sardis.

If as we all do at times, feel we are going through a lifeless period in our lives, and all around us seems dead to the transforming power of our Lord and Our Friend.

His great promise is he will never leave us of forsake us. So here are the promises Jesus promises the Christians caught in this dead situation here, and promises to all who find themselves in similar lifeless situations

1. Jesus promises close fellowship , 2. Jesus promise new clothes of purity. 3. Jesus promises we are secure in His love and Grace, 4, Jesus will acknowledge us, as being His.

So if you are caught in a rut of lifeless, in the situations around your life, sit back and enjoy the study of the Fifth letter to the churches.

Fifth church Sardis:Revelation 3 verses 1 to 6:

Sardis was a wealthy city of gold traders from the Pactolus River. The city located on a high hill at the intersection o five roads. Sardis church was probably founded by Paul, while he was ministering in Ephesus.

Best description: Dead church walking. Unlike the proceeding churches, the judgement against the church of Sardis comes  in the first verse of the letter to the church. Sardis is a church that thinks it is alive, but in reality is dead.

Jesus finds nothing to praise in the church of Sardis. He does commend a faithful few, but to the church as a whole he says, ‘You have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead.”

Sardis was a church going through the motions, but the life of the church was dead.  This is a warning to all Christians, just going through the motions of being a Christian is not really living the way we are all called to do.

Jesus  gives five comments to this lifeless church, and none are easy to obey.

First; Wake up.

Second: Strengthen what remains.

Third: Remember what you have seen and heard.

Forth: Hold fast.

Fifth: Repent.

Change is the only hope. Change your mind about what it will take to come alive again Change your mind about what is really important to do as a church.  It is only by God’s Power and grace you can be effective, and not your own efforts.  All the Glory in who you are belongs to God and not your own reputation.

A Powerful message to a church that thinks they are alive, also a power message to any christian just doing what they are suppose to do.

Jesus commends those faithful few, and gives them some amazing promises.

Firstly: Jesus promises close friendship with those who follow him in difficult situation.

Secondly: They will be clothed in the pure white garments of His purity, and goodness.

Thirdly  They will have security in His Love and Grace.

Finally: Jesus promises He will publicly affirm all those that remain faithful  to Him.

What we can all take from the message to the church at Sardis, the blessing for remaining  faithful under difficult circumstances,far out weigh the consequences of just going through the motions, just to be seen as something we are really not.

In any situation we find ourselves in stand firm in the Faith of Our Lord and Our Friend’ transforming Grace.

Revelation is about overcoming and winning in the end.

God Bless.

O F J.

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