Identity Transformation Can Be A Radical Change


In Mathew 5 verse 1 to 12: The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus explains the values of the Kingdom. We are now sons and daughters of that Kingdom through our repentance to, and acceptance of Our Lord and Our Friend {Christ Jesus}.

Money, prayer, relationship, possessions, information, and power were some of the categories, Our Lord and Our friend redefined from God’s perceptive. Our Lord and Our Friend showed that following Him will involve Radical Change for most of us. It may mean undoing the way we have always done things and rethinking the ways we may have been brought up to think

To become more like Our lord and Our Friend, does involve change, and also may involves a tough minded appraisal of all our values, which will lead to some radical change in our behavior patterns.

We have been given a new Identity, all things have become new, what radical appraisal do we all need to do, so the old ways don’t hold us back.

With His love and help All Things Are Possible.

God Bless.

O F J.

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