Flashback: Oh What It Is To Be A Christian – A Poem

For these weeks flashback, we’ve decided to put up our very first post, the post that started this whole thing. It was originally written over thirty years ago by Old Fellow John and was hidden away. It just amazes us at how God can and will use anything that you offer Him in your life. You may not see instant reward, you may not even see any value or purpose in what you do. But God does and He knows exactly what to use and when. So stay open and positive. God has got a plan and we all play a big part of it. Just trust us. He took a poem over thirty years old and established a ministry that reaches over 60 countries worldwide and has over 350 posts. We don’t say that to blow our own horns, but to encourage you to pursue your God given dreams. He wants to use you. So stay open and ready, cause you never know what he may use to reach others.
– The Kid.
Oh what it is to be a Christian,

A Christian in love with God

A Christian made mighty by His covering,

Made radient by His love.

There is no way to deserve it,

It’s a feeling that grows indeep

A feeling of tremendous excitement,

A feeling reserved for those who seek.

Of course the roads not easy, but it leads to eternal life,

Through a life of dedication and victories in Christ.

A life that not many follow.

The light they see not clear

Their eyes are blurred by worldly fascinations,

And they only have a clouded view.

But the light real Christians follow is the everlasting Presence of God

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