What We Are In Christ


1.As I look at the world around me, I see people who would say what is in this world for me.

A self generation, self made, self opinionated,self pleasing, these very little qualities, would you like to trust,

As I look at the world that is within me, with My Lord and My Friend as King.

I can see what Kingdom is needed, if only the the people of the world would turn from their sin.

2. Oh Lord as you look through me, show me what I lack, for a life of service, through the victories of the cross.

The world oh Lord needs you, not a doctrine of spin and empty gloss, but the Power of Your word.

This needs to flow through me Lord, so don’t let anything hold me back.

3. I am only a sinner too Lord, a sinner saved by your grace,

Why would anyone believe me Lord, unless you can be seen in my face.

The life that is freely available in you Lord, is sometimes hard to live.

But I know and trust in you Lord, so make me an instrument of your Grace.

4. I am Your hands and feet Lord, to a lost and fallen world, with many others who truly identify with His Word.

Let me be Your vessel, no matter what the cost, I know the life I have in You Lord, let me not hesitate, witnessing to the lost.

In the urgency of the hour as a crying world awaits, let me reflect You Lord no matter what it takes.

God Bless.

O F J.

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