Grace VS Works


A concept that has been around since Cain and Abel, is that a person can do enough good things, or stay away enough from bad things, to please the Lord.

The hope is that when they stand before God, what they have achieved will have earned favor, thus allowing them to get into heaven. It is a flawed perception by which people are badly mistaken.

The Bible teaches that God judges by a different way. God doesn’t look at the things that are impressive to people. He will evaluate whether a person has genuinely repented and accepted the offer of salvation, He gives through His son dying on the cross. God’s plan is always by Grace, but the world’s way is by works

Ephesians 2 verse 8 and 9 ” For Grace you are saved through faith, and this is not from yourself; it is God’s gift – V9 not from works, so that no one can boast.”

There is nothing new under the sun, but some of the misconceptions going around are: God doesn’t  monitor church attendances to see if we’re their, so we get brownie points, neither does He monitor any of the services we give to our churches, so that one might have more brownie points. He doesn’t need to, because the spirit of the Lord is in us all. Many people think that they must do good works to demonstrate their worth to God, to deserve God’s favor.

The Bible does teach it is important for a person to do good work, however scripture does teach that these works are not a means for earning God’s commendation, and that they are inadequate to offset or overcome any offense that person has committed against God.

God will give opportunities to do good works, but this is to express God’s Grace to others, and help others understand how much God loves them.

We must always remember Grace is God’s blessing given to a person according to God’s initiative. There is nothing any person can do to earn God’s Grace.

It is through God’s Grace, that we are to do good works, to demonstrate our love for Him.

Totally different from any worldly concept, is he wonderful Grace that Our Lord and Our Friend has bestowed on those who follow Him

God Bless.

O F J.

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