Faith In Action – To God Be The Glory


Sometimes I question why I am driving a taxi and working so long, for what seems so little an income.

Somehow (not that I will probably ever understand this side of eternity) I have been called for a season to serve Him in this way.

It was Sunday night and two business gentlemen Greg and Trevor, happened to get into my taxi, outside a popular steak restaurant.

I was having one of those nights, completely switched off to everything around me. I was listening to a football match, not prepared for what one of these men was about to share from the pain he was carrying.

Greg was a successful Christian business man, whose family was being ripped apart, and the details are insignificant to this story, because it was the pain this man was carrying about his troubled twin daughters.

Trevor would get out the taxi first, which left me free  to talk with Greg more. I had picked up Greg before, Greg said he recognized me and when I saw his house, I knew I had taken Greg before.

We prayed together outside his home, by the time our short prayer had finished, we were both in tears. I reminded Greg, it was Christ in him, that was the reason he could have hope.

With tears in his eyes, Greg thanked me and remarked at  the faith I had. Greg’s remarks were reassuring to me that My Lord and My Friend, had at this time where He wanted me.

Driving, I passed several Churches on that Sunday afternoon, I saw they were mostly closed. The fields are white with harvest, followers are hurting and the places of refuge are closed.

The Church of Christ Jesus is not a building though, it is an army of believers all over this world. We are in full time service. To be His Hands and His feet where ever He may lead us. The world and all it’s people need to see His glory, which He so freely reveals through us, if we make ourselves available.

God Bless.

O F J.

One response to “Faith In Action – To God Be The Glory

  1. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. I do think that God puts us in the right place at the right time and uses us to do His work. What an honor it is to be open and willing to know when you are called. I am certain that man will always remember your kindness.

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