James At A Glance

The author of the book is no doubt James, the brother of our Lord. He may well be called the practical apostle. He stands  for efficiency and consistency in life and conduct.

The Law of Christ for our daily lives is found in the word “doers” James 1 verse 22

“But be ye doers of the word. and not hearers only.”

James warns us about praying in doubt. He shows us how to help keep going when the Christian way get stormy. He shout at us to get off the scriptural touchline and to start living the scriptures as a part of our lives.

James has a acute social conscience and banishes all class distinctions from the church.

The book of James is the most practical of all Epistles, and has been called “A Practical Guide to a Christians life and conduct.”

James paints a picture of what Christians should be like during the hard times. They do not blame God for their suffering, and they do not go under the waves. they trust in the one unchanging God and in the message he has sent to his special people. {the one that have accepted Him}.

James tells us church going is more than sitting in a pew, hearing the words and nodding in agreement. It is about stop doing immoral and evil things. It is about controlling your words and deeds.

James talks of the love of wealth and power which offers to corrupt the church. The church is not a social club, where only the best dressed can attend and where all the poor are put on one side. Christianity is nothing if not a new community, a community where all are equal.

James brings to the fore what he calls “royal law”, love your neighbor as much as your self.

But faith without works is no faith at all. Words are no substitute for actions. James reenforces that uncontrolled words can cause so much damage. It is easy to speak ill of others. it is so much fun, but words born of selfishness and jealousy can destroy. James tells us you cannot love the world and love God. The two are opposed to each other.

Instead we should focus on God and what He wants.

James shows us a better way to live, a role of patient love. We should pray with others. We should seek forgiveness from one another. We should always try to lead people back from the abyss, and help them walk in the Truth.

Key verse James 2 verse 14 “My friends, what good is it to say have faith, when you don’t do anything to show that you really do have faith.”

Remember Faith is an Action and should be in Action.

Read James and enjoy.

God Bless.


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