Colossians At A Glance

Written by Paul, although Paul had never been to Colosse, he learnt of their faith from a man called Epaphres.

Epaphras was probably the founder of the Colossian church. He was a native of the town and he was a courageous and faithful evangelist.

The purpose of Paul’s letter to the church at Colosse was because the church was being influenced by false ideas and practices. Paul is writing to tell them about Christ Jesus. Paul prays for the Colossians to receive wisdom and insight. {Colossians 1 v9}. This comes not from mystical teachers,but from knowing Christ Jesus. Jesus is the way to God because He is God. Jesus created all things and He is all-powerful. It is through what Jesus did on the cross that we are restored to companionship with God. all we need to stand in the presence of God is to remain rooted in the faith. {Colossians 1 v 23}.

Very few people who hear the full story of Jesus and learn the true facts of His life and teaching, crucifixion and resurrection, walk away disillusioned, dismissing the story as unimportant. People ignorant of the story and misinformed about it, of course, regularly dismiss Him. But with few exceptions, those who know Christ as Our Lord and Friend know instinctively, they are dealing with awesomeness.

But it is still quite common for some who consider Christ Jesus as truly important also include others eg; Buddha, Socrates, Muhammad, Dali Lama, and others as just as important. For theses  people, Jesus is important, but not central, and not preeminent. They never truly know the Christ and freedom and forgiveness and destiny The Creator God has for them.

The believers in the town of Closse, or at least some of them seem to have been taking this line. For them, cosmic forces of one sort or another were getting equal billing with Jesus. Paul writes to them in an attempt to restore Jesus, The Messiah, to the center of their lives.

The way Paul makes his point is significant as the point that he makes. Claims for the uniqueness of Jesus are common enough. But such claims about Christ Jesus are frequently made with an arrogance that is completely incomparable with Christ Jesus Himself. Sometimes these false claims are enforced with violence.

Paul is always unswervingly confident in His beliefs and convictions that Christ Jesus is the center of creation and salvation without any equal, but Paul is not arrogant or violent about his beliefs. Paul argues from a position of complete humility and his writings are always in the most considerate love. To Know Christ is to Know Christ, is to know God, for Christ Himself is God.

Colossians is about new life, as Christians we have new life in Christ Jesus, which means changing the way we think and no longer being controlled by earthly desires. Paul is explicit about the need for determination and self-discipline and Paul is also clear on what we might call the ‘equality of sin. Being greedy is the same as worshiping idols [Col 3 v5}. It is not just about putting way certain sins, but avoiding mundane things like insulting people, lying, and cruelty. Instead we should concentrate on what will build up the body, kindness and love, wise teaching and praising God {Col 3 v 12 to 15}.

Everyone has the chance to be a new person when we come to accept Christ   Jesus. The more we understand Our Lord and Our friend, the more we will be like Him and the more we are thankful for what He has done for us.

Read Colossians and enjoy, never get caught up in the arguments of life, just enjoy your new Life in Christ Jesus. The new life that He gives us is way above anything the world has to offer. Live the life and you will be a testimony for Our lord and Our Friend.

God bless


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