Scripture Of The Week – Romans 12:11

Romans 12 verse 11

Do not lack diligence, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord.”

Might be a short verse but it is short and sharp.

Each day we need to remind ourselves of how we should serve the Lord.

Could be called a three-pronged injection of daily vitamins to motivate us to do His work each day.

We need an attitude of diligence. Diligence meaning attentive, conscientious and industrious.

We need to be fervent in Spirit. Fervent means enthusiastic.

We serve the Lord. Serve meaning from services, the act of helping or serving.

Let us never be short of Diligence, Enthusiasm, Servanthood

I will finish with a verses from a poem I wrote (not yet used on the blog)

Let everything you do. Be done in the name of the Lord.

Let everything you say. Be backed up by His Word.”

God Bless


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