Scripture Of The Week – Colossians 1:17


He {Jesus} is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

The centre point of our belief, these words say everything” In Jesus all things hold together” and the opposite is true without Him all things fall apart.

Everything in Christ Jesus is bound together in perfect harmony, not simply by His Power, but by His Love.

Reading on later in Colossians, we find these words ” Above all put on love – The perfect bond of unity.

An awesome statement of faith which is also FACT. The whole of creation is held together not by force but by a person, Our Lord and Our Friend { Jesus Christ}

Let this simple and wonderful truth grip your very being {body, soul and spirit}, with a new dimension today. ” In Him all things hold together, out of Him nothing stick but flies apart.”

Let the truth be more than something we hold, let it be something that holds and keeps us. God Bless


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