1 Peter

The author of this letter declares himself as Simon Peter, servant and apostle of Jesus Christ.

1 Peter 1 verse 1

1 Peter is about looking forward in hope.

Even in times of suffering, there is so much to gladden the heart and to thank God for. His gift of new life through the resurrection of Jesus which gives us living hope.

The first letter of Peter. Encourages Christians to keep the faith during persecution. Urges them to be Holy and regard their suffering as refining. Describes how Christians are God’s people with a mission. Tells us to adopt loving attitudes to each other living as God’s people

1 Peter 2 verse 1 So rid yourselves of all wickedness, all deceit, hypocrisy and all slander.

Don’t get stuck at the baby stage. Peter says to his readers grow up in the Faith. Remember who you are (1 Peter 2 verse 1 to 10)

God’s own people chosen to make known the wonderful things He has done, living stones being built into a spiritual temple that rests on the foundation stone of Christ Himself.

1 Peter 2 verse 11

“I urge you, as alien and strangers in the world, to abstain from sinful desires which war against your soul.” [ SHOW A BIT OF SELF CONTROL.]

We have a special mission as followers of Christ to capture the world for Christ. Christians must control themselves to stay true to their real identity.

1 Peter 2 verse 13 “Therefore get your minds ready for action remain alert and resist the devil.”

1 Peter 5 verse 8  Be sober Be on the alert.

1 Peter 5 verse 7  Leave all your worries with God because He cares for us.

This is a version of the verse from our ministry card (mentioned many times before) “Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you

The purpose of 1 Peter is to lift us up and fill us with joy.

Peter who is an apostle of jubilant hope, addresses this epistle (letter) to the strangers scattered everywhere.

A letter for homesick Christians.

A letter where Peter tells those persecuted and discouraged of a near and precious savior.

what privileges we have as Christians (followers of Christ).

We have everything in Christ that God wants us to possess.

God has given us in His Son, and He will freely give through His Son all things.


We are born again of God – 1 Peter 1 v 3

We will receive an inheritance – 1 Peter 1 v 4

We are kept by the power of God – 1 Peter 1 v 5

We are being purified – 1 Peter 1 v 7

We are saved – 1 Peter 1 v 9

We have a great hope – 1 Peter 1 v 13

We are redeemed through His Blood – 1 Peter v 18 to 19

We shall not be put to shame – 1 Peter 2 v 6

We are a chosen people – 1 Peter 2 v 9

We shall have a crown of glory – 1 Peter 5 v 4

Therefore prepare your minds for action, be self controlled, set your hope fully on the Grace to be given when Jesus Christ is revealed in His Fullness.

Live like you are a new creation in Christ Jesus Our Lord and Our Friend.

Read peter and enjoy the encouragement.

God Bless

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