Scripture Of The Week – Romans 3:23


“For all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.”

Only three people in the history of the world have been perfect and sinless, Adam and Eve but they didn’t stay that way long. And of course Jesus.

Only Jesus himself remained that way so He could die in our place.

God required a perfect sacrifice and this is who Jesus was for us.

We have all sinned, no one else can ever gain access to the presence of God, or eternal life on the basis of ones own perfection or righteous efforts.

This is so none can boast what they have done.

We have all fallen short of God’s requirements, we can never be reconciled to God by trying to live a good life.

When we come to this understanding we will understand the sacrifice Jesus made for us.

It is through what Jesus did on the cross that restores us to the Glory of God.

Acceptance of Jesus gives us Eternal life, it can’t be obtained by any other way.

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