Being Well Oiled

Just the other night I was watching an oil tanker dock at the wharf. This great ship that was designed to carry oil from port to port, over many unforgiving seas,was tied to the dock. Tied so it wouldn’t move, to rest, to either refill or discharge it’s cargo.

We are designed like this great carrier to carry God’s Holy oil.

To carry God’s anointing through the great seas of life, the great vastness, to distribute His Anointing Oil. We are His vessels.

Who is the captain of your vessel, what is the product you are carrying, is it what you were designed to carry?

If this ship was to carry a toxic substance it would be no longer good for anything. Sometimes we decide to sail alone, to go solo and carry toxic cargo instead. Cargo which will destroy our life, in the same way a ship would corrode if any of the cargo were to spill so to would we destroy our vessel.

We are designed to sale through the seas of life with His Presence it, doesn’t matter what vessel we’re in, or  what condition. He is meant to be the captain of our vessel with His Precious cargo on board.

Come pull up at a dock, empty what should not be there, undergo repair, to be ready to acceptthe cargo we are designed to carry. The oil of life.

Remember the story of the foolish virgin.

Pull up beside the precious dock of His Word 66 cleansing manual, to help restart, recharge and resend.

After all when we go out to sea with God as our captain, not even the roughest sea’s can knock us off the best course he has set for our lives. But it all starts with carrying the right cargo.

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