Scripture Verse Of The week

John 14 verse 1:

“Let not your heart be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in Me.”

Don’t let our hearts be troubled.

Let read a story from 1 Kings 8 verse 38 and 1 kings 41 verse 42.

God cares about the personal needs of each believer. Solomon’s prayer of dedication is a passage of scripture that especially supports belief in a personal, loving God.

Solomon realizes that the temple of Jerusalem was a place of prayer, not only a place in which people would pray, but pray about everything they needed to talk with God about.

When would people be likely to pray, surely when they were experiencing trouble like, famine, pestilence and sickness, for an example, but it is not general calamities that should move a person to turn to The Lord.

One persons needs should be brought to the Lord  are “the Plagues” of their own hearts as Solomon puts it.

What is the plague of your heart, what troubles and binds your soul, so that you have nowhere else to turn, but to Our Lord and Our Friend.

Are you willing to lift up your prayer need to Him?  Particularly the one we don’t like to talk about.

Our Lord and Our Friends, presence is abiding and He has promised to hear your cry.

Why not enter into a special dialogue with Him right now?

He is waiting, let not your heart be troubled any longer than it should, and according to His Loving Word we should never let it be troubled.

God Bless.

O F J.

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