Faith In Action “Open Eyes”

Story from 2 Kings 6:

Syria and Israel were at war, Things kept on going wrong for Syria, somebody was apparently telling the King of Israel all their plans.

The King of Syria thought there must have been a spy in the palace. People assured the king they were loyal to him, but it was the prophet Elisha who was telling his king everything.

The king of Syria sent an army to seize Elisha. The army was dispatched to Dothan where Elisha was living.

Elisha servant went to the well to fetch water, he was horrified the whole town was surrounded by the enemy soldiers

He ran to tell Elisha, asking him what should we do.

Elisha tells him don’t frightened. The servant replied ‘well I saw the army and you didn’t and you are telling me not to be afraid.’

Elisha tells his servant, there is more fighting on our side than the side of the enemy.

Elisha prayed, “Oh God please open this man’s eyes so he can see.’

Two types of seeing Natural and spiritual.

When the servant looked again the hillside was covered with horse and chariots of fire. God’s angels were protecting Elisha and his servant.

Facing situations in your life you don’t understand, and appear too big for you. Ask God to open your eyes so you can see His perspective of the situation, He is always there with you no matter what you go through.

Psalm 23 read it all, but just a short quote “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will feel no evil.”

Look through the eyes of faith, and any problems around our lives maybe seen differently.

God Bless


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