Hitting The Wall Of Doubt

Hitting walls breaking through barriers.

There is often talk of sport people breaking through a pain barrier, well that would take strength of character to do that.

So in our Christian walk, how much strength of character do we have. Watching a great movie about William Wilberforce, “Amazing Grace” William displayed incredible character.

William saw the human side of the slave trade, but money like always speaks, and William and his supporters hit a wall that they didn’t seem to be able to do anything about.

People were making a lot of money out of other people’s misery, and it needed somebody with strength and character to do something. Well the slave trade did end, but for William and his supporters it didn’t happen overnight.

The character of the man to see it through and the walls of the slave trade fell open.

How many of the walls that confront our lives, do we spend just staring at the wall and hope we can just get through.

Change comes through a different thinking perhaps even thinking outside the box.

Faith is a different kind of thinking to the world and William Wilberforce was a man of faith.

Joshua Chapter 6; The walls of Jericho came down in seemingly unusual tactics. Sure it took seven days for the walls to come down.

The soldiers marched around in silence for 6 days, this could have been done to avoid the murmuring of doubt about the walls coming down.

Could be said about us too. How much murmuring and self doubt do we put into things that told us back {walls] that seem to hinder us. Instead of focusing on the Promises of Our Lord and Our Friend.

Perhaps there is a waiting time. Perhaps there is some effort to be done, but in the end by faith in the promises of Our Lord and Our Friend and with a shout of praise to His goodness, we too will break through barriers which stop us from reaching the plans and purposes He has for our lives. Jeremiah 29 verse 11: Plans to give a hope and a future, which He has declared.

Hebrews 10 Verse 39: “But we are not those who draw back and are destroyed, but those who have faith and obtain life.”

God Bless


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