Wonderful Account “Book Of Mark”

Mark presents Jesus as the Servant-Messiah and Son of God who died as a ransom for sinners.

The Rescuer has come. And He is one an all-out kingdom invasion. A Friend of Peter John Mark writes about the life of Jesus and It’s impact.

He writes a little bit about Jesus’ teachings but writes more about Jesus’ action and authority. Jesus is on an all out Kingdom invasion, and Mark records the battle scene.

In the Garden of Eden before the fall, life in the garden was perfect. But the fall ushered in brokenness and corruption.The Kingdom of darkness was using false authority gained by trickery and using the curse of sin and death.

But Jesus is the True King, He know what the God’s Kingdom should be and looks like where love Justice truth and goodness are, and He knows what shouldn’t be in it.

Every step Jesus takes He advances God’s Kingdom through His authority as King. Demons shake and scream in His presence and flee when He commands them to go.

Sin is forgiven at His Word, The sick are heal as He speaks. The multiplication of food at His instruction The stormy weather bowed to His authority. Death was reverse when He speaks

Even His humblest action is also the most powerful. Jesus was the spotless lamb of God, who lay down His life, nobody took it from Him. His sacrifice shattered the curse of sin and death over all humanity.

The story and truth with much more, the creator of life who died to end the power of sin and death came back to life. Resurrection life, setting all who accept His invitation to come {John 3 Verse 16} life in His Kingdom, now and eternity.

God so loved, for all His creation, to live free from the kingdom of darkness and in the fullness of His love. And He paid the highest price for us all to do so.

God Bless


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