Be Ready Be Willing

A reflection from The Book of Jeremiah

In the time when King Josiah was a young man, there was another young man named Jeremiah.

One day God spoke to Jeremiah and said, “long before you were born, I chose you to be a prophet, passing on My words to the people of Judah and the surrounding nations.”

Interesting point God know us all before we are born, because He is Omniscient. He knows all things at all times, He is all knowing.

Jeremiah replied ” Please don’t ask me to do that, I am to young for such an important job, I am not even good at talking. The Lord said He would be with Jeremiah to help Him. The Lord reached out and touched Jeremiah’s mouth. He then told Jeremiah He would give him the words to speak.

Jeremiah knew that it was not good to argue with the Lord.{ We can all learn that}. Jeremiah knew that it was going to be difficult, but he must do what the Lord wanted.

The Lord asked Jeremiah what could he see. Jeremiah looked hard and he saw a big cooking pot, set to heat on a very large fire. as Jeremiah was watching, the indigence in the pot came to boil and began to pour over the side of the pot.

Then the Lord told him this was the same way an enemy was going to overflow Judah and destroy Jerusalem. Jeremiah job was to warn the people to stop worshiping false god {Baal}. If they stopped they would escape disaster and if they didn’t the enemy would surely come.

Jeremiah was called by God. BE Ready, God may have a call on your life, not to do the same as Jeremiah call, but He may have another Job for you.

Age is irrelevant to God, speech difficulties are also irrelevant to Him.

BE READY for Our Lord and Our Friend may want to use you in a special way.

We are not saved by doing good works. Doing good works is a response of our love to Him. Following Him and our discipleship must be integrated believing, living and doing the calling He has for our lives.

Those He uses, He equips and He will never leave you.


God Bless


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