Wonderful Account ‘Book Of Ezekiel’

Ezekiel 1 Verse 20:

 “Wherever The Spirit  wanted to go, the creatures went in the direction the Spirit was moving …”

God’s Spirit gives life, movement, and direction to the living beings. Even the heavenly beings are sustained by the life of the Spirit .”

Ezekiel 37:

In this vision Ezekiel sees a great valley filled with dry bones, said to be the whole house of Israel.

The main lesson of this vision is the restoration of God’s people.
He takes them from among the heavens and gathers them out of all countries
as bones without flesh.

They were, historically a scattered people. this isn’t just a picture or a metaphor. It does however show the power of God to raise those who have not only been scattered, but also are dead in sin,.

This new birth was explained to Nicodemus, and God promises it here to Israel for the first of many times.

They are to be brought forth, filled with God’s Spirit and brought to their land.

When you are in the Spirit you become ALIVE in the Spirit. God’s hand was upon Ezekiel. Thus he was alive in the Spirit.

We have to become alive in the Holy Spirit. We are to be born again we have to start to proclaim the Lord. Jesus will come back looking for a people walking in the Spirit.

We need him to Breathe new life, a fresh anointing allow to breathe over us afresh with conviction, power, and anointing. When there is real life something takes place.

We need God so much. We must be a people who will pray. God is
saying come, don’t hold back. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

Romans 10 verse 17 God wants us to open our mouths, God wants to invade us with His presence.

Come alive in the spirit, come alive to the things of God. The yoke of The Holy Spirit will break the yoke of bondage!

God Bless


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