Wonderful Account from ‘Book Of Joel’

The day of the locust.

Joel’ name means “Jehovah is My God.”

Joel has been called the prophet of “religious revival’. He knew that revival must follow repentance. Joel tries to bring people to repentance so they will find access to the Throne of Grace, and know the presence of the Holy Spirit. This will come with true repentance. It was usual in ancient societies to show styled expression of grief. People tore their clothes, put ashes on their heads, even ate certain food, but Joel call for a repentance that is not superficial. it is Judah heart {people heart} that needed tearing, not clothes.

Joel called for a response that goes beyond ritual displays and barren emotion, and actually involved a change of heart.

Joel is a book which seeks to interpret a huge natural disaster,Judah has been laid waste by a plague of locusts.

Joel looks beyond the disaster to ask questions about why it happened. He interprets ii is a warning from god, a forerunner of the day of judgement, when God’s army will return.

The description of the locusts is horrifying real. The cities are invaded, the noise is like an earthquake, the walls are black with locust crawling bodies. {Joel 2 verse 9] Joel calls for a day of morning and prayer. called to repentance {Joel 2 verse 12 to 17]

If the people changed their ways, the soil will celebrate {Joel 2 verse 21} the fruit will return, the grass will grow, and the damage the locust caused will be undone. Joel 2 verse 28 and Joel 3 verse 21 Future judgement and blessings.

The abundance  will  not just  be in terms of the crops, there will be an abundance of God’s Spirit. Old and young will be aware of the presence of God. Ordinary people, men and women both slave and free, all who faithfully worship God will be saved. it is a wonderful prediction of the way that Christ Jesus was to reach out to all sections of society.

Peter used this passage in his first sermon in the Book of Acts {Acts 2 verse 16}.

This is a lesson for us today. The church is in a desolate condition. It has been laid waste by many spiritual foes referred to in Joel 1 verse 4.

The call goes to Christians today to come before the Lord with true repentance. Repentance needs to go right through the church with every member involved minister, deacons, elders and all the congregation.

If we will return to the Lord, he will fulfill His promise to us by His out pouring of The Holy  Spirit and then God will repay you for the years the locust have eaten. {Joel 2 verse 25}.

The grat need in the pulpit and pews today is the Power of The Holy Spirit.

The Day of The Lord is spoken about five times in this short book. In  the new Testament however the day of the lord was reinterpreted as referring to the second coming of Christ Jesus. {2 Corinthians 1 v14 and Romans 2 v 15 to 16}.

This would be both a day of judgement and a day of victory. It would be the time when God The Father, through His Son {Christ Jesus} would end human history, judge mankind and establish His rule for ever.

Read Joel and be Blessed. We should all ask the Lord to examine our harts so blessings can not be blocked and the Power of The Holy Spirit can flow freely through all of us.

God Bless


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