Faith In Action ‘In Christ’

The subject of the letter is faith, faith in Christ Jesus. salvation comes to us not through what we do, but from whom we put our faith in. It is God’s forgiveness and love that rescues us, not our own efforts. Paul argues that Salvation is not a matter of obeying the Jewish law, or even a case of obeying natural laws or morality. It is a Gift from God. That does not give a license to do what we want, as followers of Our Lord and Our Friend, we are obliged to live lives of love, faith and service. Paul argues that those are a response to Salvation and are not a way to earn Salvation.

Romans is not a light read by any means. a lot of theology about the Christian message, as well as practical advice about every day living. The theology is important because it explains why Christians believe and behave the way they do. Believers who reflect and understand what and why they believe are more effective and better equipped to be vessels and servants for the God that created us.

We are all guilty. Paul put out a list of wrongdoings that get between us and God, not just the big sins like murder and stealing, but what we call everyday sins, like gossip, cheating,and causing strife.{1 v29}. Paul is pointing out that everybody has fallen short of what is right. None of us can claim to be guilt free.

Paul is constantly getting his point across on the matter of circumcision. without obedience to the law, circumcision is useless. Circumcision is an outward symbol of inward reality. Without what  Paul calls a circumcision of the heart, it is useless. Intimately Paul concludes that both Jews and Gentiles are Ruled by Sin {3 v9} and all the law has done has brought attention to all our failings

Romans 3 verse 21 to 4 verse 25: Paul explains how anyone can be made right with God. The answer lies in a free gift. God set Christ Jesus to be our sacrifice, to take the punishment that we should bear for our wrong doings {sin}. This is how Jews and gentiles are bought together, this it is not in wrong doings, but by faith in Christ Jesus.

Paul uses the story of Abraham to Illustrate this. God accepted Abraham not because of his good deed, but because of his faith. {4 v 31}

Romans 5 v 1 to 21: Paul explains how the need to be redeemed come about. Through Adam’s decision in the Garden of Eden, we are all infected with sin. It is part our human nature. And just as one man brought sin into the world for everybody, so one man brings forgiveness into the world for us all {5 v 18}

A New Start: Romans 6 v 1 to 8 v 17. Once we have a new freedom in Christ Jesus we can not carry on as before. Once we accept Jesus, as Lord of our lives our old self is dead. We should be like Jesus and live our lives for God. Now we shouldn’t try do what is right, we are now living through acceptance of god and should be faithful to what He wants for our lives.

The more we are ruled by the Holy Spirit, the more we will be able to do what is right. We really place ourselves under new management. One of the evidences of our new standing before God, is how we turn to him in prayer. we can always come to Him, and will discover that it is true how much He wants to do for us and through us.

Romans 8 verse 18 to 27; Everyone is groaning for something better.. Creation groans, {v22} Creation groans through our misuse of it.   Believers groan {v23} We know we should do better, but only through Our Lord and Our Friend’s help will we achieve, what we can’t on our own                                                            The Spirit groans {v26} So when we pray, we should ask Him to show us what is on God’s mind, rather than simply telling Him what is on ours.

Romans 12 v 1 to 15 v 13: The Right Life: the fact we are saved by faith doesn’t give us a right to settle back and relax. Paul lists an inspiring and challenging things that all Christians should try to do. Simple things that all express our love for God and reflect the great love that He has shown us..

There are a lot of great teachings in Romans and we have already completed a teaching of the Roman Road {by The Kid}. We will have different teachings from Romans as well from time to time.

Scripture verse which was hard to [pick, but we can’t go past,

Romans 1 verse 16 and 17: ” v 16

“I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes first to the Jew, and also to the Greek. V 17 For in it God’s righteousness is revealed from faith to faith, just as it is written: The Righteous Will Live By Faith.”

Read Romans and enjoy, all the wonderful things we have through Our Lord and Our Friend.

God Bless.

O F J.

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