Faith In Action “Everybody Know’

The Bible teaches each one of us will face death. It is something we can’t avoid, though many in the world try. But as Christ’s followers, we have assurance that physical death, is just a stepping over in to our eternal destiny with God. This is a path open to any whosoever, who wants to accept. John 3 verse 16;

Once we take the step to accept, God’s offer of Grace through repentance and acceptance of Christ Jesus as Our Lord, Our Savor, Our Redeemer and Our Friend, we should be excited to tell others.

Have we become to hardened by the world around us, that these wonderful words from God’s Word, have only become prose to us. we should never grow tired of sharing our testimony of how and why we come to accept Christ Jesus, and have the assurance of Eternal life with Him.

When we look at the life Of the Apostle Paul, he went from persecutor to Apostle of Faith. Things didn’t become easy for Him, but He knew the Risen Lord, and it through that encounter his life changed, and he was transformed

Let put Paul story in the light of what it truly is, absolutely remarkable. Paul was caught up in self-righteousness, he thought he was doing the right thing by God. Paul was persecuting the followers of Jesus, he made his mission to persecute and execute these followers of Jesus.

Acts chapter 9: Paul had an encounter with Christ Jesus, in a blaze of light on a road to Damascus. It was on that road Paul realized the full extent of his self-righteousness and wrong-doings {sin}. Paul who was then Saul, experienced the fullness of God’s Grace there on that road.

Paul conversion didn’t stop there, he didn’t just turn around and go home and tell a few friends, ‘I am not doing what I did anymore, I got knock off my horse and met Jesus, and he didn’t want me to persecute His followers anymore’.

Paul conversion become his testimony, and the beginning of a new life, that led to Him becoming one of the greatest preachers and teachers of the Good News, about God’s Love through what Christ Jesus did on the cross for us all.

Each of our Salvation stories, even though they might not be dramatic as Paul, because Jesus is the Same yesterday, today and Forever. {Hebrews 13 verse 8}: is still a testimony that many should hear.

Our meeting with The Christ, is not just an exchange of words, ‘I’m sorry and I accept you Jesus’. On the day when Christ meets us and we accept Him for who He really is, The geological plates of our souls permanently shift, and that is where our passion comes from to help others to come to know, what and Who, has dramatically changed our lives.

God Bless.


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