Not Just A Bible Character ‘Malachi’

Malachi’s name means ‘Messenger of Jehovah’

Malachi was a prophet who wrote the last book of the Old Testament.

Malachi said his people made God tired. Why? Because the people did not offer God their best. They always just cruised along and gave God the least of their efforts.

Most of life is not lived in crisis, but Malachi creates a crisis at a time when we are unaware of crisis, this is to awake us all to the ways of God, when like today’s society the only things that matter, seem to be the things that concern us.

Malachi has the last word in the Old testament. In his final sentence of his message to us he refers to the wonderful figures of Moses and Elijah. Moses is to keep us rooted in what God has done for us, and Elijah to keep us alert to what God will do for us in the days ahead.

By leaving us thinking about these two great men of faith from the scripture, Malachi is trying to get us to see the greater picture of all that God is to us. So that we never just  trivialize matters in regard  to our faith in Our Lord and Our Friend.

Malachi contrasts the Forever Faithfulness of God, against the whims of faithless people.

We are all in a way messengers for the Most High God, we are to go into all the world with the message of His Kingdom, and the message of all Our Lord and Our fiend has done for, and all of Who He wants to be in our lives.

Malachi one of the great servant of faith in God.

God Bless.

O F J.

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