Expecting And Attempting

Expecting and Attempting

‘Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.’

This was the motto of famous Missionary to India William Carey, which always stuck with me. William Carey after a faith shaking start in India, established a great work there.

Carey’s faith had determination. He saw the world’s need to hear the gospel and committed himself to it. In India he pushed on through discouragements, difficulties, and disasters.

Carey’s hope was seen in his expectation. Carey was an optimist and held the view that God’s will was that the kingdom of God would ultimately expand across the world. Carey’s work in India also come with the vision in laying the foundations of a glorious church in Asia. In our time, such confidence and long-term vision are much needed.

Carey’s love was displayed in his compassion. Carey driven by his desire for men and women to find the freedom that there is in Christ. That compassion was seen in a desire to understand Indian culture. Although Carey never drifted from his belief in Christ as the only savior of humankind, Carey’s work is a reminder that all we do must be done in love.

‘Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God’ was the motto Carey gave to history. Carey did both and in doing so became a man who achieved great things for God. May we also ‘expect great things from God’ and ‘attempt great things for God’.

What does it take to run with this motto?

Summed up in 4 words: Optimism. Determination, Expectation, and Compassion.

We hope this condensed story of William Carey spurs us all on to do great things for God. Maybe not to the level Of William Carey, but with the same Optimism, Determination. Expectation and Compassion, as we do our part to fill the Great Commission. [Mark 16 Verse 15]

God Bless.


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