Faith In Action ‘Interesting Who God Uses’

Its interesting who God uses for His purposes.

Jeremiah is the sort of person who cannot sleep at night.

He was racked with anxiety and self doubt. He curses the day he was born.

God told him not to marry, he has few friends.

This Jeremiah the troubled priest, who won a reputation as a troubler of kings.

This is the longest book of the bible.

The story spans the reign of five kings.

One king Josiah reformed worship after he rediscovered the Book of Law.

Another king Josiah grandfather of Manasseh reversed the policy and revival was short lived.

Jeremiah was unusually young, but age is irrelevant to God. He called an old man to lead slaves out of Egypt.

God doesn’t have a particular type or age of person He uses.

Be ready He may want to use any of us, in a way we do not expect.

People’s faults six hundred years before Christ are virtually the same faults today, just described differently.

Jeremiah 2 verse 7 Defilement of God’s land – today people are worried about ecological problems.

2 verse 8 Reliance of religious leaders on human ideas – nothing changed

2 verse 11 Creating other gods offering meaning and purpose in life – today we call it the new age movement, it is not new.

2 verse 13 to 19 Attempts to quench spiritual thirst in non spiritual ways -today elicit drugs, sexual promiscuity and the like. Giving up on God when something more attractive comes along.

Really not knowing the greatness of God, this still has not changed.

And does this sound familiar – The disintegration of social cohesion, and the threat of being over run by forces we can not control.

There is much to learn from Jeremiah that parallels with today.

Their sins are our sins, their bitter fruit could be ours. God is warning His people then as He does now.

This is a brief overview of Jeremiah.

Acceptance or rejection by people is not to be the measure of our success, We must live a life that honors and glorifies Go in spite of temptations and pressures that may lead us to do otherwise. Our Lord and Our Friend’s approval should be the standard for for our lives and our serving Him.

He may want to use you to help change the ills of society.

God Bless


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