Serving Humility

Serving from the heart is all about what we can do for Our Lord and Our Friend, and never about what accolades we achieve for ourselves.

Luke 14 Verse 11: “For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

Jesus used an example from a banquet to give understanding into humility and serving.  In New Testament times, the closer you sat to the host the higher you were at the social ladder, and the more attention you got from others.

Humility is fundamental to the Christian life. It has been quoted that humility is not thinking meanly of ourselves, it is simply not thinking of ourselves at all.

Jesus is the greatest example of humility, and we do well to ask the Holy Spirit to enable us to imitate Him.

Humility is also called ‘Bridle Strength”. Knowing Who you are in Christ and always allowing His Presence to have preeminence in our lives.

Our motives for serving others must be the praise of Our Lord and Our Friend, and not the applause of people.

Our ability to serve, is a gift, a gift to honor Him in everything we do.

Be Blessed


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