Weekend Inspiration

I don’t think we ever really understand the length, breadth or depth of God’s love for us. I suppose that’s because we are bound by our human senses and experiences. We can only ever relate love in the measure that we’ve been loved, or that we love ourselves. And that, sadly, falls short of the measure of God’s love.

This post, is less my opinion, is less a devotional, and more an open message to all of us out there who struggle to love or be loved by God.  Lets try to go beyond our own thoughts and experiences and see us the way God does.

You weren’t a mistake, neither were your siblings, your relations, or even your children. You aren’t a coincidence. You were created for a reason and a purpose. So much so in fact that at the foundation of time itself, God saw a you shaped hole in the very fabric of the universe and created you to fill it. The very fact that you grace this world with your presence, is evidence that God just couldn’t live without you! In fact he took great care in your creation, every hair numbered, every freckle and quirk deliberate. He loves you the way you are. Even if some days you just can’t stand the person staring back at you in the mirror. But He doesn’t want you to change for anyone, He doesn’t feel you should. You are the pinnacle of creation, you are the crescendo in his masterpiece. You are everything He is!

He takes every attack on you personally, especially those attacks from ourselves. He cries when we are teased or put down. When we don’t feel worthy or useful. When we feel alone and discouraged. When we just feel like we can’t go on.

His love isn’t conditional on performance, or excellence. He doesn’t care if you’re spotless or covered in dirt. In fact no matter what you could possibly do, He would still always loved you. Much as the way He always has. Even before you were birthed into this life. God can’t love you anymore or less than He loves you now. His love is a constant, it doesn’t fluctuate. It can’t fluctuate. There is nothing we can do to make Him love us more or less. Because His love, unlike ours, cannot be measured. Because that’s who He is. He is Love!

God’s love for us is illogical, crazy, unmerited, unwarranted, unbelievable, inconceivable, desperate, eternal and immeasurable. And whether you want it or not, you’ve got it! It will never leave you, it will never forsake you, it will never hurt you, and it most definitely doesn’t think the same things about you that others, and more importantly you, think about yourself. It is dependable, reliable, trustworthy, and sincere.

We don’t need to understand His love to accept it, nor do we need to rationalise it, or find excuses why we aren’t good enough for it. Truth be told, none of us are good enough for it. Yet he sent His only begotten son to die for us. Put yourself in His shoes, those of you with children. It’s unfathomable. You would do anything to protect your children, even lay down your lives. Well in sense He did lay down his own life. He sacrificed His own son so that we should NEVER live our lives without Him. And I know that He thinks that you were very much worth it.

He wants you to know, it’s okay to love yourself. Because even if you can’t or won’t or are too afraid, He will, and always will.

Doubt it? Ask Him to show you His love, and you will feel it, He want’s you to know it, He wants you to feel it, and He will show you. But be prepared, nothing can ever prepare you for just exactly what it feels like!

Just know, He is always there, and He will never leave you. You are too dear to Him for that! You are exactly who you arem because He created you to be you. You’re identity comes from Him, and not from any of the labels this world can give us. And he just wants you to accept it, and fall as hopelessly and desperately in love with Him as he is with you!

Don’t be frightened or afraid. Even if you’ve been hurt or betrayed before. He will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, do any of that to you. He wants to show you just exactly what true love is, and how it should feel!

Lord I just pray that for all those hurt, and broken, betrayed, and unloved that you will make yourself known to them. That your very love will course through their veins, from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes. I just pray that they get a revelation if your great love, and just how important they are to you. Lord, let them be loved!

You are Perfect. You are the epitome of perfect, and nothing, NOTHING, can ever change that!

– Be Blessed


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