Faith In Action ‘Living In His Promises’

The safest place to be at sea, is to be over the deepest part of the deep blue sea. Where the storm can’t press forces against the rock near shore.

This is probably the opposite to what  many people think even in Christian circles

The song we sing ‘I am safe and secure on the Rock of all ages” is not talking about geological formation. It is referring to the safety of belonging the Rock which is Christ Jesus.

It doesn’t matter what part of the world we are in, the safest place to be, no matter how deep circumstance appear to be is in the Presence of Our Lord and Our Friend.

The safest place to be is right in the middle of the storm, it is recognizes to be that right in the center of a hurricane or twister there is absolute calm.

The term Fair weather friends could also describe Christians. When things are going well, they keep one foot in the world and another in the kingdom of God, if that is at all possible?

We will find when [pressure builds and when the storms come around, we try to serve two masters and end up getting seriously hurt.

Kingdom people are people fully committed to The Rock Of all Ages {Christ Jesus]. trusting Him with their furthers. Jeremiah 29 Verse 11: “The Lord saying” I know the plans I have for you they are for good and not for ruin.”

Kingdom people are fully persuaded the Their Lord and their friend has said” I will not leave you nor forsake you. Hebrews 13 Verse 5:

In John 6; The disciples were in the middle of a storm in a boat and were afraid, Jesus come walking through the storm to meet them in their fear.

There is never a place, Our Lord and Our Friend doesn’t know where we are, and has our best at mind

The deepest place is also the best place to learn from Him.

God Bless


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