Scripture Verse Of The Week

Galatians 6 Verse 9: “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up”.

Any born again believer this scripture is talking about. Lets not grow tired of living our faith.

This is an extract from a story about the Life of Lord Shaftesbuty

Lord Shaftesbury was born into the English aristocracy in 1801. He endured a cold, loveless childhood but found comfort in the love and care of a family housekeeper who shared her Christian faith with him. It’s a wonderful example of how seeds sown with children can bear long-term fruit. As Lord Shaftesbury progressed through public school to Oxford University his faith grew and with it an increasing burden for those at the bottom of the social ladder. In his mid-20s Lord Shaftesbury was elected as a Conservative member of Parliament and with this was a very public commitment to Christ that motivated everything he did.

All one might have taken out of that was about Lord Shaftebury himself, but here is a mention of another person in that story, a family house keeper.

In that period of time family house keeper would have been a very tough job with only a small wage. This family house keeper, was a woman of faith, and shared her faith in what would have been a hard working environment.

This housekeeper shared her faith, and seeds were sown, in a young Shafesbury’s life

This housekeeper seeds of faith she sowed did bear fruit, in the Faithful service, of Lord Shaftesbury later in his life.

Lord Shaftesbury also sowed seed of faith in a difficult environment of politics

Let us never grow weary from sharing our faith for the fields are white with harvest.

God Bless


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