Weekend Inspiration

This weeks Weekend Encouragement is from Cousin Ruth, as we have spoken before about Ruth has been set free from the clutches of a cult, and has been shunned by many family members. Now she belongs to a bigger family, with Christ Jesus as Her Lord, Her Redeemer and Her Friend. Ruth has written a number of poems, so be blessed and inspired by her poem,  ‘No Turning Back’.

No Turning Back

O Lord , at times it hurts so much

When I cannot share with my Family

It’s only my great love for you

That’s it’s not the calamity it could be

When I followed you, my Lord

I knew there was no turning back

Although I’d lost my Family

With your provision I do not lack

I knew that you would bless me

Leaving my Family for your name

You sacrificed your life for me

Why shouldn’t I do the same?

When I put my faith in your hands

You rewarded me with your love

You showered me with many blessings

Sending your peace down like a dove

Be Blessed

Cousin Ruth

Our Gracious Father

As I sat in the Doctor’s Surgery

Listening to what he had to say

I was shocked by his diagnosis

“We found Cancer” he had to relay

Another operation was performed

More cancer was there to be found

I was blessed to have my Family

And Spiritual Friends gather round

I knew that God’s been in control

Filling me with such inner hope

Always being there to care for me

Giving me the strength to cope

I’m so glad to be a Child of God

Where would I be without his love?

To feel his comfort at all times

Great power he sends from above

Although I’ve a long way to go

I know that God is always with me

That he’ll never ever leave my side

That many a miracle he’ll cause to be

Cousin  Ruth

Be Blessed Today And Everyday,

From Your Friends at My Lord My Friend Ministries

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